We made it!

It all started with a big idea to transform a rundown car lot in the heart of Boise into a new community—one that is built upon the bonds that are formed when people and amazing food connect. We are very grateful that Boise has supported the project from day one, now The West End Food Park is a dream come true. Special thanks to the food truck owners—they are awesome and have been behind the project every step of the way, everyone who backed the Kickstarter, the City of Boise for supporting us, and this incredible movement of independent thinkers and doers who care about the health of the local economy, people, and food—we wouldn’t be here without you all. We hope you enjoy the park!

announcement: future owners

Everyone give a warm welcome to the West End Food Park’s future owners. This is the press release that was sent out to local papers yesterday. Guess we didn’t make front-page news but we think the announcement is newsworthy.Wednesday September 3, 2014; Boise, ID: The West End Food Park, located… Read more →

the bbq guy

If you have been at the park during the last several weeks it is very likely that you have met… Read more →

bike rally!

The bike lanes in the West End are primed and ready for some major bike traffic—lets make it happen with… Read more →

awesome night!


We are totally energized from the soft launch on Saturday. It really was a blast getting to know some of our Kickstarter backers. If anyone missed the party and needs to connect with us to get backer rewards please contact us.


I don’t know if any of you saw us wipe the sweat from our brows but we did—this last week we learned that the group shelter we ordered didn’t make it on the delivery truck to Boise from Washington, we are now expected to receive it and have it installed in August instead of July 7—bummer—but that didn’t stop us from opening—no way!!!


Then on Friday our dumpster that was supposed to arrive didn’t—boo! Glad to say after a call to the sanitization department it will be in on Tuesday. Lastly, we are starting to learn that insurance requirements are kind of a big deal for some vendors; we have started gathering names of insurance agents to pass along to folks—if you need a recommendation please reach out to us or other trucks.


We really were most nervous at 5:59 pm last night wondering, “will anyone show up?” By 6:00 pm on the dot an amazing thing happened, a miracle in my personal opinion, people walking, on bikes and in vehicles swarmed in—it was great! I was also very impressed with the representation from people living in the West End Neighborhood—West End Neighbors your support for this project has been stellar from day one, we really loved meeting you all.


Some of you already know that the last several months we have endured many hurdles that we had to jump through, or up/over/left—you get the picture—it was a lot of creative problem solving to get to where we are today. Now we are fired up about putting our values into action and getting food and events at the WEFP.


We will be open to the public July 3rd and we will start with a Bike Rally to get everyone in the spirit of food and celebrating the power of the people. So if you want this park to be great then we need you to rally around it, support it, and make it grow—we need you!



Huge thanks to Mitch and Joy at the BBQ Guy, they were the first vendor in town to meet all application requirements (that is a difficult task on its own—we hope to simplify if we can) and he wasn’t booked at the Boise Music Fest more than four months in advance. Mitch was a prefect first, and we learned a lot from him—many thank Mitch! You were great, because of you we are trying to get a BBQ competition scheduled at the WEFP real soon!!!



We also met Jodi from Stream, he came by to say hi and get his backer goodies! The Stream bike is world class interesting, its steam punk theme had me hooked from day one, and his iced coffee was so delicious it didn’t need sugar or cream to win this coffee maven over. I LOVE how art, coffee, biking, views on living (connected to nature and city), and personality really blend together to make the Stream Bike a world class Boise business. You rock Jodi!


We met many others amazing backers like Stacey, who jumped in and started handing out backer rewards—you were too great to us!! Still dreaming of how we could partner Boise Beer Buddies and the WEFP—really not kidding here we need to talk more about Beer + WEFP and how that can work. I think a Summer Brew Fest will make its mark on our event calendar—who wants to vote on the peoples choice local brew at the WEFP?


Thanks all for a first good day at the WEFP it was perfect!



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